camille, 18, melb/aus, i love bands and video games and doin shitty tattoos


louis makes for good artistic inspiration when ya feelin shit


i literally have a neverending supply of stickers to add to my art and it makes me so happy because any shitty drawing is improved tenfold

Anonymous said: hello friend, where do u get ur stickers ? are they all from daiso ? thanx love u

daiso is good also chinatown basically u want to go into all the sweet little shops that sell plush san-x and sanrio toys and merchandise idk where u live but basically theres a bunch of stores around chinatown n near melb central that have cute stickers!!!


lil baby paintings i did this morning before i left to cry and eat a vegan chicken burger

i havent posted art in like three weeks??? whoops

this is just weird. Look at the knees

inspired by my beautiful pal steph. the lil one on the left was an exercise in not looking at the paper while painting


This lil dude is so silly, i painted him and molded him out of very bad soft clay from daiso but it does the job and he watches ovr my studio 4 me so i love him

Teacher told me to do more erratic stuff so i fingerpainted but it went Weird but i love the colours so it’s ok

look at the tiny legs on the dog also there are so many stars yay

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